Gateway Bible Baptist Church
Gateway was originally planted by Ralph and Becky Done over 25 years ago. They handed it over to Pastor Peter Shek, a local bi-vocational pastor who faithfully served there for 20+ years. Due to numerous health problems, Pastor Shek stepped down. The church was without a pastor for 3 years. That is when God led our family to Gateway. Over the last three years, the church has grown from a weekly attendance of 35 people to almost 80 (despite 6 months of protests and 2 years of an international pandemic).
Faith Factory Children's Ministry- Sunday school, VBS, Children's Choir
Youth Ministry
Cantonese Ministry
Filipino Ministry
English/International Ministry
Adult Choir
Evangelism Training
Creation To Christ
One of our main methods of evangelism is to lead a one to one or small group Bible study called Creation To Christ (C2C). The study is meant to introduce people who have little biblical background to the story of the Bible. This chronological study through the Bible focuses on the big life questions every human craves to answer- Where did I come from? Why am I here? Why is there so much suffering in the world? and Where will I go when I die? Not only are we always trying to start these studies with unbelievers, but we are also working to train local Christians to lead C2C studies on their own.
University English Outreach
This past fall, we were able to start an English Corner on a local university campus. We had 20 mainland students come each week to practice their English. We have since invited the class into our home and to our church for different activities and are working towards starting C2C studies with some of them. This new ministry is a wide-open opportunity for sharing the gospel with many. However, we are very busy with the oversight of the church. We are praying for TEAMMATES to join our ministry ASAP to oversee this outreach.

Future Ministry Goals

After returning from an upcoming furlough, our focus will be on:
1-Developing the men of the church for future leadership
2-Expanding our evangelism training and starting new C2C evangelism small groups
3-Hiring a church secretary
4-Expanding the University English Outreach Ministry to mainlanders
5-Overseeing the renovation of our current space to accommodate for larger attendance
The goal is for Gateway to eventually have three fully functioning church ministries, each with language specific worship services, Sunday schools, and C2C Evangelism groups:
Gateway Cantonese
Gateway Mandarin
Gateway English

" The goal is develop Gateway into an evangelism training and church planting base for this region of the world. "